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Recommended Products for Vinyl Floors

If you are struggling to get back to clean, it is possible what looks like dirt may be damage and may require some special attention.

So, lets check to determine whether you have an issue that will require special attention before ANY cleaner will be able to restore a “clean” appearance. Rest assured we have answers and can get you back to “cleanable.”

If you see any of these situations give MARBLELIFE® a call and
we will guide you back to a “cleanable” surface.

In order to restore a CLEAN appearance to your Vinyl on must first ascertain whether there are any special situations requiring a specialty cleaner or service solution that is preventing you from achieving CLEAN. No cleaner can deliver clean if the surface is blocked or damaged.

Check to see if you are experiencing any of these situations. If so, good news there is a solution such that once addressed, you will once again have a CLEANABLE surface. We will look at SPECIAL SITUATIONS that can be addressed with a product first and then those that require a service visit.


Entrance Floor
Before and After
Tennis Ball

Scuff Marks

Black scuffs, smears or rubber marks seen on waxed floors typically caused by rubber souled shoes. Often seen on waxed vinyl, waxed ceramic, waxed marble, waxed terrazzo. This is generally ONLY seen on waxed surfaces. Good News - there is a specialty product solution that can take care of this for you.

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Scuff Marks
Rubber souled shoes can leave a scuff mark. This is actually a part of the rubber material from the shoe.
These materials can typically be rubbed away using a tennis ball.

That said you can eliminate them entirely, but eliminating the use of wax, in favor of a durable hard coat such as MARBLELIFE VINYLGUARD offering a no-wax, no strip, no scuff, no buff surface
Best solution is actually to place a tennis ball on the end of a broom stick so that you can rub or erase these marks while standing up.


Eliminate the problem for ever, and capture a 30-40% total cost savings, but removing the wax, and having MARBLELIFE install VINYLGUARD. VinylGuard is a non-wax durable hard coat that will not scuff, requires no buffing to maintain a gloss finish, is so durable that typically one need only touch up any damage once per year. Instead of one’s floor looking good after application but then degrading quickly with foot traffic, one will see a consistent shine year round. The net result is generally a 30-40% cost savings over maintaining a wax surface, while eliminating stripping waste for a greener more cost effective solution.

We don’t wax our cars any more as they have chip resistant coatings, why hasn’t such technology reached floors? It has – MARBLELIFE VinylGuardTM.

Once properly sealed any dirt or oil is forced to remain on the surface where it can easily be removed with MARBLELIFE TILE & GROUT CLEANER which is formulate to emulsify oils, greases, and fats that serve to help stick dirt to your floor and surfaces. This is a superior cleaner formulated to clean without acids and without depositing any oils or waxes which can result in grout damage and staining.

Once MARBLELIFE COLORSEALED your floor is not just CLEANABLE again, but easily cleaned with MARBLELIFE TILE & GROUT CLEANER.

For larger areas consider MARBLELIFE FLOOR CLEANER which comes in a concentrate gallon capable of making 32 gallons of cleaner.

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MARBLELIFE Floor Cleaner

Power up the effort with the strongest cleaner on the market. Dilute it back as a concentrate or use as is to power through mold and mildew. Excellent for use in showers, driveway and patios.

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Granite Floor
Before and After
Professional MARBLELIFE Service

Dull spots (wear)

Ceramic tile may be hard but over time it will wear, and when it does it creates a dull dirty appearing finish. This can happen even faster with matter or semi-gloss finished ceramic. Once damaged no cleaner will restore a cleanable surface until addressed. GOOD NEWS! We can reglaze your tile surface to restore its original appearance, and even enhance cleanability and anti-slip performance.

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Dull spots (wear)
Generally this is caused by micro-scratches and scratches worn into the tile surface that prevent it from reflecting light uniformly and properly, and serving as areas to capture and hold onto dirt, making the surface difficult to maintain in a cleanable manner.

This condition is often accompanied by stained grout that is also proving difficult to maintain or clean.
Restore or Replace the Tile. Historically, one has been told its time to replace the tile, or begin to wax the surface, creating a whole new set of potential problems and frustrations.

MARBLELIFE can restore these surfaces, and even update your finish to a clean, cleanable, uniform gloss appearance that requires no waxing and behaves like an original tile, but with superior anti-slip and anti-mold performance.
MARBLELIFE TileLoktm is typically combined with MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL to provide a better-than-new easy to maintain cleanable tile and grout surface.

TileLok serves to re-glaze the ceramic surface filling in scratches and wear marks, and can even be used to upgrade a matte or semi-gloss finish to a gloss finish. The new finish is durable, scratch resistant, mold-resistant, and provides an anti-slip coefficient of friction centered within the Veteran Administrations recommended optimal range for a beautiful, cleanable, enhanced tile surface, without the cost, dust or loss-of-use of replacement and can be done in hours versus days.

MARBLEIFE COLORSEAL – addresses your grout by upgrading its seal to an acid-resistant colorable seal capable of restoring better color consistency than when the grout was originally put in with the added benefits of being resistant to acid attack consistenly cleanable grout line even if you do bring an acid cleaner onto the surface later.

IMAGES – Shriners Hospital Red Tile Before & Afters

Bathroom Sink
Before and After
Professional MARBLELIFE Service

Destroyed or burned surface

Surface appears heavily marred, whitened and non-uniform or discolored in appearance. This goes beyond the normal worn or scratched waxed floor. Good News! We can restore this surface to new, and even enhance it to resist a re-occurrance.

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Destroyed or burned surface
Vinyl floors are soft my nature. Traditionally, waxes are used to provide a sacrificial top coat to protect the vinyl. Overtime, these surfaces are easily marred, scratched and can be chemically burned when treated with an inappropriate cleaner or chemical. Once the vinyl is damaged the wax can do little as it is not a cure, but a cover-up.
Traditionally, vinyl floors will be stripped and wax re-applied, but once the damage has gone through the wax and into the vinyl one needs a restoration versus a cleaner. MARBLELIFE can restore you vinyl tile to its original clean, uniform appearance.

At this point, one has a decision to make. Continue to use archaic 1950 technology waxes that require constant buffing and then must be stripped and re-applied, OR transition to MARBLELIFE’s VinylGuard durable vinyl coatings that are scuff-free, require no buffing, and so durable that generally these surfaces can be more than a year before needing any touch-up. We stopped waxing cars years ago, as new chip resistant coating came to market, its time to transition your floor in the same manner.

This provides most facilities a 30-40% total cost to maintain savings, while also virtually eliminating stripping and wax wastes for a more environmental solution.
MARBLELIFE can restore your vinyl floor to its original uniform, clean appearance, at which point one has a decision – continue to utilize traditional archaic waxes – or transition to MARBLELIFE VINYLGUARD a durable, non-scuff able, no-buff surface that provides a long lasting protection to your vinyl.

As seen in the images the restoration process can restore the original tile color and then provide a long-lasting protection. Generally, no additional services are needed for a year – even in high traffic conditions in a school or hotel service area.

Restore a long-term cleanable solution that can be managed with ease.

Maintain your floor with MARBLELIFE Tile & Grout Cleaner or MARBLELIFE FLOOR CLEANER. These powerful, non-streak, water base cleaners quickly remove dust, dirt and grime without damaging your vinyl or VinylGuardtm Durable coatings.

Image- Use the blue vinyl before and after

MARBLELIFE Products are designed to accomplish a single mission for the simple reason that chemistry is not smart. You cannot combine a sealer and cleaner and expect the product to seal first and then clean, or clean first and then seal. As a result products that claim to clean-and-shine or clean-and-seal by definition will trap dirts and deposit build-up overtime, which means eventually you are going to need a service such as MARBLELIFE to professionally restore your surface. OR you can utilize mission based products designed to do one thing very well.

MARBLELIFE products therefore use no acids, no waxes or oil deposits.

Non-Damaging Cleaners

These products have been formulated to avoid damaging ingredients that can destroy or hide your CLEANABLE surface.

Tile & Grout Cleaner

Non-Acidic Surfactant based tile cleaner emulsifies dirt and oil without damaging grout seals for a quick easy pure clean free of waxes and oils.

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MARBLELIFE® Tile & Grout Floor Cleaner

Marblelife Tile & Grout Cleaner – Countertop & Floor Cleaners
Cleans Beautifully While Saving You 80% Over Ready-To-Use

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